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Before smart phones and tablets existed, formatting the layout of a website was a very simple task. Basically every website that was built before the early 2000's needed a touch up! First, Smart Versions creates a master layout of your new website. After that we convert almost every element in order for your site to appear in correct fashion on every screen size.
There is a website for just about everything. Depending on your website's purpose, it will need to function in a certain way. The cosmetics may be simple and professional. The programming behind the scenes that make it operate can perform multiple tasks. Your audience may be attracted to over the top designs. Or, you might be making money blogging from a backend to a broad audience.
Often times motivated people invest in online opportunities for financial reasons, only to later realize that their content is not noticed by the audience they were expecting. Whether you already have a website or are planning to build one, we can fine tune your project in a way that makes it speak for itself.
Every website that we build is included with a 100% authentic back end for managing your website. This feature is fine tuned to give the owner of their site full control which cuts out the painstaking process of email and phone tag, also increasing productivity. All of our back ends are responsive.